Villanova Wildcats Basketball

Villanova Wildcats Basketball

For Coach Jay Wright, the 2008-2009 men’s basketball season was nothing short of spectacular. A sparkling 30-8 record and for the first time in 24 years, Coach Wright led the Villanova Wildcats to a Final Four appearance losing in the national semifinal to the eventual NCAA champion North Carolina. For many observers it brought back the memories of the magical 1985 national championship season.


But just like in all sports, what’s done is done and the memory can be enjoyed for only so long before it is time to start looking to the upcoming season. With that said, Coach Wright, with his 2009 NCAA men’s basketball recruiting class, has positioned Villanova as a strong contender in the Big East Conference. Add to the mix sensational point guard Scottie Reynolds passing up the NBA draft to return for his senior year, and this has many basketball experts starting to whisper quietly, “national power”.

2009 Villanova Wildcats Recruits

#1 2009 Villanova Recruit PFMouphtaou Yarou

Ht: 6’9”

Wt: 240lbs

ESPN Ranking: 18

Unlike many players who come from Africa, Yarou is not the long and lean specimen with limited skills that most are used to seeing. In fact, he is quite the opposite. He is well built and very athletic, and for only playing the sport for 3 years, is well polished in his game. He has shown the ability to score from both inside and outside. Although his shooting range is limited to around 17ft, this will only improve as he matures. He is a good ball handler and can put the ball on the floor to score against other post defenders. The upside to this young man, needless to say, is immense.

#2 2009 Villanova RecruitSGDominic Cheek

Ht: 6’6”

Wt: 185lbs

ESPN Ranking: 19

Athletic and quick, Cheek is a prospect that has a tremendous upside. Already he has shown his ability to excel in the open court and knows not to force shots. His passing skills have been rated above average and with his height he has shown great on court vision. He needs to work on his accuracy from the 3pt line in order to stretch out the opposing defense. He has shown a remarkable aptitude for defense and likes to be given the defensive challenges, a trait that should sit very well with Coach Wright.

#3 2009 Villanova RecruitPGMaalik Wayns

Ht: 6’0”

Wt: 190lbs

ESPN Ranking: 23

This young man is a point guard that knows exactly what the position entails. He has excellent ball handling ability and always has one thought on his mind and that is to get his teammates the ball in positions for them to score. With his excellent quickness and strength, Wayns has the ability to drive into the paint, take contact and score if needed. Also has developed the reputation as a fierce defender who sets the example for his teammates.

#4 2009 Villanova RecruitPFIsaiah Armwood

Ht: 6’8”

Wt: 195lbs

ESPN Ranking: 41

Although Armwood is considered by many physically thin, this still hasn’t prevented him from becoming a fierce rebounder and an above average shot blocker. His offensive side will give many coaches a match-up nightmare due to his quickness and his ability to put the ball on the floor and score. Armwood is very athletic with outstanding lateral speed that will let him defend various positions if needed. As he matures and adds more bulk, this young man will definitely be a force to reckon with.


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