The Kansas Jayhawks enter the 2009-10 NCAA basketball season as the clear-cut number 1 team in the country as rated by ESPN and other major news services.  Returning just about their entire team from last season along with a top 5 NCAA recruiting class, everyone expects to see the Jayhawks in the Final Four this year. They will have some stiff competition in the Big 12 this season in Texas, Oklahoma, K-State, Missouri, and A+M though before getting to the NCAA tournament. Its hard to tell at this point how many teams will get to the tourney, but expect to see at least 5-6 Big 12 teams get the nod.

2009 Big 12 Preseason Basketball Rankings

#1 2009 Big 12 Preseason Team – Kansas Jayhawks
Coach Self brings star shooting guard, Xavier Henry in to compliment the starters returning from last season. If anything, his hardest problem may be getting enough PT for all of his stars during the regular season.

#2 2009 Big 12 Preseason Team – Texas Longhorns
The Longhorns bring back a deep team from last season, but the main question for this season appears to be if they can stay focused through Big 12 play. If they can, we could very well see Kansas get upset for the league title. Texas has a strong strength of schedule, so they should be ranked high for the majority of the season baring any sustained mental lapses. Look for big years out of Dexter Pittman, Damion James, and Avery Bradley.

#3 2009 Big 12 Preseason Team – Oklahoma Sooners

Oklahoma won’t be as strong as season with the Griffin’s and Austin Johnson gone. Willie Warren and Toney Crocker give them a strong base to go with the highly rated incoming recruiting class though, and the Sooners will see the NCAA tournament again this year.

#4 2009 Big 12 Preseason Team – Missouri Tigers

Ok, I know a little bit of a stretch here. The Tigers have lost three of their big contributors from last season in Leo Lyons, Demarrie Carrol, and Matt Lawrence, but they have JT Tiller back with the young backcourt which showed some promise last season. I’ll take Mike Anderson’s battle tested youngsters at this point of the predictions and let them prove me wrong.

#5 2009 Big 12 Preseason Team – Kansas State

A lot of people have K-State ranked over Missouri…a few even over Oklahoma. The Wildcats managed to squeak above .500 in Big 12 play last season, and with Jake Pullen and Denis Clemente getting it done by the end of the season, they should vie for a post season bid this year. Several transfers and other recruits coming in to K-State, that if they jell quick, the Wildcats will knock off some teams.

#6 2009 Big 12 Preseason Team – Oklahoma State Cowboys

Travis Ford has James Anderson and Obi Monuelo back along with Keaton Paige in the backcourt. OSU has a great recruiting class coming in as well, so Travis Ford should have them competing for a NCAA tournament bid again.

#7 2009 Big 12 Preseason Team – Texas A+M
A+M is led by Bryan Davis and Donald Sloan this season. They will need some work from star 6-6 guard recruit, Naji Hibbert in order to get it done this year though since he is the only 4 star prospect signed by the Aggies in their 2009 NCAA recruiting class. The other 3 star prospects will help, but its just too early to tell if A+M’s squad will have the depth to back up Davis and Sloan to go deep in the Big 12 this season.

#8 2009 Big 12 Preseason Team – Baylor
Baylor was able to get to the Big 12 championship game and the NIT finals. Coach Drew has lost a lot of players from last year, but he will try to leverage star recruits Nolan Dennis and Mark McGlaughin to try and get past the NIT this year. I don’t know if they’re going to have enough juice to do that though and they may be NIT bound again.

#9 2009 Big 12 Preseason Team – Iowa State
Iowa Sate has a lot of potential this season, however, they probably will not be deep enough to do a ton of damage in Big 12 play. Chris Colvin is expected to bring the Cylones some depth in the back court this season and star player, Craig Brackens is returning as well. They will likely pull an upset or two along the way, but it will take a lot for them to make the NCAA tournament.

#10 2009 Big 12 Preseason Team – Texas Tech
Pat Knight’s team will do better this year, but they are probably a year or two away from making any serious noise in the Big 12.

#11 2009 Big 12 Preseason Team – Nebraska Corn Huskers
Nebraska’s going to have a tough time getting anywhere near last seasons .500 mark in Big 12 play. Lots of key players gone with a not-so-deep recruiting class coming in….they may do well to stay out of last place.

#12 2009 Big 12 Preseason Team – Colorado
Just think about football season for Colorado. Basketball is not going to be their sport this season.

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5 Responses to “2009 Big 12 Preseason Basketball Rankings”
  1. Voice of Reason says:

    Nebraska doesn't have a deep recruiting class coming in? You know they are bringing in 7, potentially 8 new players, right?

    Not saying Nebraska is going to be the cream of the big12 this year, I think #7 would be the most likely outcome and where I would put them going into the season.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for reading! I mispoke there I think when I said “not deep”…my comment referred to the assessed talent by rivals, scout, etc. I agree with you that if the new blood takes to college bball quicker than expected in that we could see them much higher in the Big 12 rankings.
      Cheers, James

  2. iLoveyourwork says:

    And now let me comment on the actual article.

    How is there a clear-cut pre-season #1 EVER in college basketball. So many good teams and unknowns among recruits.

    So OU loses its top 3 players and is going to finish at #3?
    And Mizzou loses basically everybody as well but is going to finish at #4? I actually think this one makes more sense than OU at 3 just because Mizzou plays in the north and gets a&m, oklahoma state, and texas at home.

    Great write-up on A&M, those two sentences were really awe inspiring. Donald SLOAN will hopefully do enough this year to merit his name being correctly spelled, but Damion James couldn't do that even with his play the last two years so I don't really have high hopes.

    • Javanx3d says:

      Thanks for the feedback. You are more than welcome to contribute to the site and apologize for the errors previously. If you'd like to provide an A+M review, please feel free to do so and I will include it.
      As far as my rankings, Mizzou has the better sked and experience for who's coming back and that's why I have them above K-State and A+M. A+M will have to convince me they rate higher than 7, but definitely have the talent to do so.
      Thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. College Hoops says:

    Guess we weren't that far off the Oct 29th coaches rankings have the Big 12 teams in this relative order:
    Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Missouri, K-State, and then the Aggies….

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