Top 10 Kentucky Basketball Websites

If you’re a Kentucky basketball fan or simply a fan of Coach Cal, it can be a bit mind boggling to attempt to find decent news or fan sites to read about the latest Kentucky Wildcats basketball info. There are definitely more than 10 out there. These are the 10 I go to when reading about the Wildcats. If you have more that you would like to see, please leave them in the comments and I’ll update the post as they come in. I did not list the 400lb guerilla sites (ESPN, Herald Leader, Courier Journal, etc) since the other sites tend to break news a bit earlier and may not be as well known to you. Enjoy.


Top 10 Kentucky Wildcats Basketball Websites


#1 Kentucky Basketball WebsiteCoach

Recently launched, Coach Cal’s new website may prove to be more popular than his Twitter page! offers free news, and for those that desire additional access and Kentucky swag it offers varying levels of paid access.


#2 Kentucky Basketball WebsiteTrue Blue Kentucky

Great news in the blog section of TBK as well as their basketball forum! Similar to, there is a free section to the site as well as a paid access variant. Lots of great recruiting and team news is broken here before you read about it in the newspaper or online!


#3 Kentucky Basketball WebsiteUK Athletics, Men’s Basketball

The official home of Wildcats Basketball. You can’t put the official source too low!!


#4 Kentucky Basketball WebsiteJohn Clay’s Kentucky Sports Blog

John Clay writes for the Herald Leader on Kentucky Sports. I enjoy his blog for not only the news but other links for interesting articles that are posted.


#5 Kentucky Basketball WebsiteA Sea of Blue

A great Kentucky basketball resource. Tons of great Kentucky sports info to go with links to a large number of other SEC and Kentucky resources.


#6 Kentucky Basketball WebsiteAaron’s Kentucky Basketball Blog

Aaron’s basketball blog is a great, niche KY sports blog that’s worth checking out.


#7 Kentucky Basketball WebsiteKentucky’s Sports Radio

A nice, solid sports blog on all sports Kentucky.


#8 Kentucky Basketball WebsiteJerry Tipton’s UK Basketball Blog

Jerry Tipton has covered Kentucky basketball since I was in grade school. You can beat his knowledge of Wildcat’s sports and basketball.


#9 Kentucky Basketball Website Big Blue History

Looking for Kentucky basketball historical information or other tidbits? Go here before you muck around with Wikipedia!


#10 Kentucky Basketball Website – Spam’s Kentucky Basketball

No the title doesn’t mean you’ll get spam if you go to this site. Great links to breaking Kentucky basketball news here from around the web.







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