Printable NCAA Tournament Bracket 2012

The 2012 NCAA Tournament bracket will be announced on Sunday, March 11th, 2012 on CBS Sports at 6PM East Coast Time. 2012 will mark the 2nd consecutive year that 68 teams make the 2011 NCAA Men’s basketball tournament with 31 of the teams earning bids through automatic qualifications to the tournament. 2012 will also mark the second year that there is a NCAA Tournament First Four.

How Does the First Four Work?

The first four features four games with the 8 teams that are the lowest at-large and lowest automatically qualify teams. So what does this

US Airways Center

US Airways Center

mean?? No longer  is the play-in game solely for the 16th seeded teams. You can see 12 seeds, 8 seeds, etc play in the games in addition to the traditional 16 seeds that meet head to head to earn the right to play in the second round of the NCAA basketball tournament. This will also mark the second year in a row that the First Four will be played in Dayton.

Printable  NCAA Tournament Bracket 2012

Since we have a bit to go to reach the 2012 Selection Sunday, we’ve provided a blank bracket for you to go ahead and take part in the Bracketology madness throughout the season. Once the final bracket seeds are announced, will provide a complete tournament bracket for use.

Printable 2012 NCAA Tournament Bracket (Blank)

2012 Printable NCAA Bracket (New)

Also, note that the blank bracket does not guess on what seeds will be required to participate in the First Four. As a result, you will want to add two teams per line if filling out earlier for who you think will be the seeds that will be participating in the First Four. You should have a total of 68 teams when filling out the bracket during the season.

2012 NCAA Tournament Schedule Video

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