I have been in the blog marketing, freelance writing, and SEO fields for about a year.  I’ve just restarted the blog here recently, so if you see any team videos or topics that you would like me to add, just drop an email to [email protected]

Other Sports Writing I do:

Associated Content – I don’t post here as much as I used to, but am performing the role of a Sports Category Editor now adays.

Golf Link – I got turned on to writing for Golf Link through DS. I’m an OK golf hacker, so this gives me a chance to practice the mantra, “Those who can’t do teach! ” :) Just kidding. Fun articles to do when I can’t go golf!

Phillies Digest – I’m actually a Reds fan, but do work for the Blog Owner time-to-time. He had to restart his blog under a new name for better SEO.

About the Author

Will is the admin of the site. A life-long college basketball fan who appreciates quality basketball played anywhere in the country, he works to bring the latest college basketball schedule and tournament information to sports fans.