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Want to get started freelance writing about college basketball? You’ve found the right spot. Before picking a team or player that fits into one of the below categories, please conduct a site search to make sure you are not duplicating any content! If you’re interested in attacking any of the below areas, shoot me an email at [email protected]. Please follow the writing guidelines listed below the topics.


#1 NCAA Recruiting

Don’t see your favorite team’s recruiting class reviewed? Well, what are you waiting for? I require the same format as the other reviews you see on the site to be used and a minimum of three refs for the articles, and if you can find a free to reuse pic on Wikimedia even better. Also, conference reviews are another area the site can currently use.


#2 NBA Draft Articles

Any topic you don’t see covered regarding the 2009 NBA draft prior to 24 June (25 June 2009 is draft day). After the draft, reviews are welcome and any 2010 mock draft articles (yes its never too early).


#3 Starting Lineup Previews

I’ve been adding these to the recruiting articles, but a full article on team/starting lineup previews is another niche to fill.


#4 Conference Previews



#5 Team Histories



#6 Anything Else Cool



- Depends. If you own a blog and are looking for backlinks, as long as your article passes copyscape and doesn’t attack anyone, then we can support regular postings. If you think you might like to become a regular contributor, shoot me an email and we can discuss further.


Writing Guidelines


- Min 350 Words

- Spell check required

- Must pass Copyscape

- Use Bold paragraph headings

- Recruiting class reviews must follow the format of other reviews on the site

- Minimum of three references are required. You can list these at the bottom of your work or go ahead and hyperlink to them (ie your own site for the guest posts).

About the Author

Will is the admin of the site. A life-long college basketball fan who appreciates quality basketball played anywhere in the country, he works to bring the latest college basketball schedule and tournament information to sports fans.